Drop in and tune out the default world

What the f**K is Mind Slut

A hybrid medium between an alternative news source and think tank:

  • a place where ideas are shared.
  • a place where solutions are worked out.
  • a place where substances are allowed to help ideas flow.
  • a place to talk shit.


  • to be curious.
  • to exchange ideas.
  • to amuse each other.
  • to refine our tastes.
  • to build a better future with our collective imaginations.


  • through conversations.
  • using thought experiments.

Rules of Conduct:

  • don’t feel intimidated because you don’t feel you have the qualifications to share.
  • don’t feel you have to be an authority in the topic shared.
  • we can only be the authority figures in our lives.
  • we are the authors of our story.
  • use simple basic english.