Ep1: Mind Slut “Introduction”

It Was A Dirty Day

Show Notes

Welcome fellow mind sluts! Don’t let the words throw you off. We use slut in a way to express something wonderful. I know your wondering “how” but with time and as you become familiar with the evolution of this creative platform, you will be fine using these two terms.

This is the first episode for the Mind Slut project. We hope you enjoy the medium we’ve chosen to share thoughts and ideas of how to make life better. That’s a pretty big deal if you ask me.

What we want to share is how the individual can make an impact. It’s a fricken public “Think Tank” people:) haha.

During this episode:

  • Origins of Mind Slut.
  • What is Mind Slut.
  • Why we wanted to create a podcast.
  • How the podcast will be produced.
  • The basic rules of conduct for the podcast.